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Check Out These Colorized Vintage Photos of Stars Like Audrey Hepburn

Check Out These Colorized Vintage Photos of Stars Like Audrey Hepburn

November 8th, 2013
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    How unbelievably modern does Audrey Hepburn look here? 

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    Ditto for this shot of incredibly beautiful Elizabeth Taylor. 

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    Who's this guy? Why a handsome, young Charlie Chaplin.

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    The iconic World War II V-Day photo takes on a totally new life when recolorized.

You might have seen it before, but chances are you’ve never seen it done so well: Vintage photos recolorized and touched up so that they look super-contemporary. Photo studios and artists including Jordan Lloyd, Sanna Dullaway, and Dana Keller have all taken to colorizing and touching up famous images to make them seem brand new.

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The effect? Mesmerizing! In fact, they’re so realistic that we can totally imagine running into gamine Audrey Hepburn on the streets of Williamsburg. Or seeing a hipster-fied Charlie Chaplin at some dingy nightclub. Or even young, fresh-faced Elizabeth Taylor sunning herself on the sands at Tulum.

Click through the gallery to see all the vintage photos—in color!

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